About Opportunities

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If on these few pages you've seen one or more opportunities for yourself to establish and participate in the development of a YearBook project for your own community, contact us. We'll talk.

If you're wondering, "Is it work, or is it play?", the answer is "Yes". It is fun. It is work. It is play. It is difficult. It is easy. A Yearbook is a living thing, and a start-up YearBook is a living baby. With 24/7 passion and attention, plus application of knowledge and skill, that baby is likely to grow and prosper.  And, as with any baby, watching and helping it grow is a joyous experience.

YearBooks offer: Glamorous; Prestigious; Be Welcome Anywhere, By Anyone; Exciting Opportunities with Income Potential. Remove the glamour and income potential and YearBooks still remain a potentially invaluable tool for anyone who would benefit from meeting everyone in his or her hometown. For example: an insurance salesman / broker; a real estate salesman / broker; a photographer; a camera shop owner; and many other entrepreneurial and business types such as florists, gift basket sellers, MLM distributors, soccer moms and those with a career in politics in mind.

Ask yourself the following questions:  Do you portray a professional attitude and appearance? Are you enthusiastic about people and life? Can you plan for and remain focused on achieving planned for results? Are you aggressive, straightforward, persuasive, personable and self motivated? If positive answers to these questions describe you very well, please request additional information.

YearBooks may be established and run as marketing adjuncts to existing businesses with little or no emphasis on directly profiting from YearBook income potential. YearBooks may also be run as a publishing business with a major emphasis on the sale of sponsorships and presentation of images to the public via the web. And, of course, YearBooks may be run as a business with the major emphasis on the sale of photographs and photographic services. However, one need not be a photographer to successfully run a YearBook business. A dedicated person with management and marketing skills can manage and maintain a successful YearBook..


What Would You Do?

What would you do if you owned Miami Yearbook?

What would you do if you could add five, or ten, or more people per day to your address book? List more homes for sale? Make and sell more portraits? Expand your MLM business? Sell more life insurance? Expand your travel agency business? Expand your investment counseling business? Use your managerial skills and talents to run Miami YearBook as a business in itself?

You Are The Only Piece Of Special Equipment That Is Required

Dream a little.
What would you do if you could meet everyone?

What would you do if you were welcome everywhere, by everyone?

Think of the world as one small lock, and your YearBook as one big set of keys. The rest is up to you. It's all in your attitude, your passion, your fire.